Hot Pakistani Call Girls

  Dear readers, it has taken me several years to write this post. There was too much to say on this topic. I imagine this post will get a lot of hate in escort forums, where people’s sole identities are tied to these toxic forums. Escort review forums are extremely dehumanizing for both men and women (it encourages toxic behavior for men’s interactions with women and detracts from a wholesome sense of intimacy). This post will break it down . Lahore Escort A select population of clients in the sex industry are  punters  (also known as Hobbyists), men who review escorts on public escort forum boards. They are the  unpleasant  type of clients as they degrade sex workers into very shallow criteria and ratings on scales. Essentially, punters see sex as something that can be standardized – that a sex worker has a menu that is static and can be applied to all clients. They don’t have the maturity to factor in that intimate sex is about chemistry, communication, among other things — they don’